Advantages of Wooden Furniture

Advantages of Wooden Furniture

Different homes exhibit all sorts of styles. There are the minimalist homes with nothing but the essentials; midcentury modern homes with defined lines and a retro style; and many, many more styles. However, one thing that most styles have in common is wooden furniture. Wood furniture is a great addition to any home. Check out this guide to learn some of the many advantages of wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture is timeless

Wooden furniture is one of the only things that never loses popularity when it comes to home décor and style. The carving or simplicity of wooden furniture design may vary, but the demand for quality solid wood furniture never changes. Wooden furniture is timeless, so it will evolve along with modern trends and your home’s style. It can be a standalone wooden piece or even mixed with upholstery; wood furniture with upholstery is a contemporary trend that adds character to any home. Rather than buying countless trendy pieces, invest in a piece of high-quality solid wood furniture that will last a lifetime—at least.

Pro Tip:

It lasts forever

Wooden furniture made of heirloom-quality wood is built to last for decades. It’s designed to last in your home, and you can even pass it on to younger generations if you take care of the piece. You can also easily salvage wooden furniture if it becomes damaged by simply sanding out the damage and refinishing the item.

Since wood holds up so well over time, it may be beneficial to consider replacing any upholstered parts of your item. For example, a wooden futon frame may outlast the cushion’s upholstery. This is where a futon cover or slipcover may come in handy.

It’s super-customizable

If you like to revamp your home’s look every few years, you’re not alone. Updating and redecorating a home to keep it feeling fresh and new is a huge trend. Wooden furniture lasts a long time, so you may think it’s the wrong investment if you like to redecorate—but you can actually customize it super easily. If you change your mind on the color of the piece, you can refinish it in a different stain color or even paint it a fun, bright color. All the changes you make are changeable again in the future, so you won’t have to worry if you hate the bright yellow chair after a few years—you can always repaint it.

Another fun way to customize the wooden furniture in your home is by investing in colorful slipcovers for the upholstered parts of the items. These are easy to wash and attractive, and they can even be custom-made to fit your item perfectly.

Wooden furniture often comes with cushions, and those won’t last nearly as long as your furniture piece. Check out our selection of custom-made slipcovers. Here at Slipcover Shop, we have futon covers, cushion covers, and even outdoor furniture covers.