Common Furniture Buying Mistakes

Common Furniture Buying Mistakes

When setting out to purchase furniture, there is a lot you must consider. There are some rules to follow to ensure you get the furniture piece you need for any room in your home. Explore these common furniture buying mistakes so you can avoid any headaches the next time you shop.

Forgetting To Measure Your Space

One of the mistakes people make all the time is forgetting to measure their space before buying. Furniture in warehouses and stores always looks smaller than it does once it’s in your home. Before heading out, measure your room and the space for the new item.

This measuring prevents disaster when the piece is delivered. You don’t want to receive a piece that is much smaller or larger than you anticipated.

Not Considering Usage and Functionality

Another common mistake people make when buying new furniture is forgetting to think about the actual functionality of the piece. The item you purchase will go into your home, so it needs to fit into your household and its norms.

For example, a dining room set with gorgeous white upholstered chairs may look regal and perfect in the shop, but at home it may not work if you have young, rambunctious kids or pets who shed a lot.

Pro Tip: If you buy a white dining chair set, invest in dining chair covers to prevent damage from spills or wear.

Disregarding Delivery Fees in the Budget

Furniture prices in your budget should account for delivery fees. Many furniture shops will deliver furniture for free, but don’t make the mistake of assuming free delivery only to be hit with a large bill later. Be sure to ask the salesperson for the delivery fee upfront so you can adjust your budget accordingly.

There are many more common furniture buying mistakes you could make. It’s crucial to know that there are solutions in case you make one of these common mistakes. If the color isn’t right or you didn’t consider the mess potential in your home, contact us for a custom slipcover. Our slipcovers are stylish and made to fit your furniture exactly right.