Create a Statement Ottoman With Custom Upholstery

Create a Statement Ottoman With Custom Upholstery

To many people, an ottoman is a statement piece on its own. But some like to take it a step further and change the way the ottoman looks to make it stand out. They usually do this by reupholstering the fabric or buying some slipcovers.

Both methods accomplish the same goal. However, if you’re looking for an easier and more affordable approach, we have a wide selection of ottoman slipcovers that you can customize however you want. Regardless of the method you choose, you can create a statement ottoman with custom upholstery in many different ways by following this guide.

Create a Fancy Aesthetic

Since you and your guests use most furniture pieces frequently, you usually can’t make them too elaborate. There’s no point since they become worn quickly. The only exception is when you have an extra seating area that doesn’t see as much use. However, ottomans are rarely the primary choice for sitting. At most, people use them to rest their feet or as surfaces on which to set down objects.

This allows you to fancy them up a bit to increase the rest of the room’s appeal. Using some elegant colors, such as deep reds and purples, will produce this effect. So will using fabrics like velvet or linen, especially since neither of them is an ideal material for sitting.

Go For a Casual Feel

Not everyone wants their living room to look overly classy, though. Some people prefer a more down-to-earth, subtle approach. However, not all ottomans can satisfy this style preference since they are eccentric pieces.

For this type of redesign, you will want more earthy tones such as green or brown. If you don’t think that would go with your current room design, anything in the greyscale will work well too. A cozy fabric like cotton, polyester, or a blend that contains either will be the one you should go for in this design.

Design Something More Practical

Sometimes, the best way to create a statement ottoman with custom upholstery is simply to make it a practical one. That’s why so many of them are feature leather or leather-like materials. These are easier to clean spills off of compared to most other materials.

While leather does require some upkeep, it can last much longer than your standard fabrics with proper maintenance. This is especially true when no one sits on it regularly. The colors that most leathers come in will match anything you already have in the room as well. Leather really is one of the more versatile materials you can choose for your reupholstery or slipcovers.