Easy Ways To Change up Your Dining Room for Each Season

Easy Ways To Change up Your Dining Room for Each Season

Most people only tend to redecorate their houses for Christmas or other occasional holidays, but true at-home decorators change the design of their homes depending on the season. Nothing quite beats the feeling that deep reds and oranges can give a house in the middle of autumn or soft pastels can bring in spring. If redecorating your whole home once every few months seems like too much, we recommend starting with just one room to get a feel for it. The best room to start with is the dining room since it’s a high-traffic location but not one with too much that you need to change. If you’re interested, read our list of easy ways to change up your dining room for each season.

Change up the Table Décor

No matter how you have your dining room set up, your table is the centerpiece of the room. Because of this, it’s the most important part to change if you want the room to have a different feel for each season. If you currently use placemats or a tablecloth, those will be the first things to swap. You should have a set of them for each season.

Restocking your cabinets with season-themed dishes is another great way to give your dining room the appearance you want. Granted, guests won’t see them most of the time, but they’ll add to the overall feeling when everyone sits down to eat.

Don’t worry; we didn’t forget about the chairs. They’re among the most notable parts of your table. The best way to change them is with dining chair covers. We have slipcovers available in any color you’ll need to match the season in our online store.

Set Up Decorations

This is probably the easiest way to change up your dining room for each season. Standard decorations are simple to set up and put back away. One good example is getting potted plants for the spring and summer seasons. Having a string of leaves hanging up would be great for autumn, and a couple of cute snowmen will fit well in winter.

You should change any centerpieces or candles you have as well. And if you don’t already have them, add some to your home. Setting out a bowl of fresh fruit in the summer or a cornucopia full of vegetables in the fall are both great ways to spruce up your table. If you have candles, try to find scents and colors befitting each season. There are plenty of stores that will have just the fragrance you’re looking for.

Hang Up a Few Things

Environmental paintings are unrivaled for setting the mood for the time of year, so be sure to have one or two on hand for each season. They don’t have to be pictures of the outdoors, however. Finding ones that simply have the color scheme you want can also work effectively.

If you don’t want to have that many picture frames on hand, we recommend buying a mirror or two. If you have them at the right angles, they’ll make the inside of your house look just like the world outside when your window treatments are open. There’s no better way to match the season than to reflect what’s right outside your window.