How to Expand the Lifespan of Your Furniture

How to Expand the Lifespan of Your Furniture

Whether you buy it new or used, furniture is still an investment. Ideally, you want to get the most out of whatever you buy. This isn’t just friendly to your wallet, but to the environment as well. That being said, everyone has a different living situation. If you have children or pets, you can expect regular wear and tear. Fortunately, no matter your circumstances, you can take certain steps to guard your furniture against deterioration and to expand its lifespan. Here we share a few tips on how you can achieve this.

Invest in Slipcovers

You can easily protect your couches and chairs by installing slipcovers. If you buy one of quality, it will keep your furniture in good shape for years to come. These covers are generally easy to clean, and some are even stain-resistant. When you take the time to explore your options, you can find anything from the perfect futon cover to mattress coverings.

Finish Wood Furniture

If you have any wood furniture pieces, we highly recommend applying a finish to them. This will protect them from environmental effects such as stains, scratches, and sun damage. It’s also advisable to reapply your finish every few years in order to keep the furniture in the best shape possible.

Use Coasters

Our parents always stressed the importance of using coasters for a good reason. It only takes a few minutes of a cup sitting on a wood table for that unattractive ring to form. If enough of these rings populate, your table will become an unwelcome eyesore. Invest in a set of coasters and keep them on your table so that guests know to use them.

Add Stuffing to Couches

Over time, the cushions on your couch will inevitably begin to deflate. This isn’t just an eyesore—it’s also far from comfortable. At this point, you may be tempted to drag your couch out to the curb, but you can be kinder to your budget by instead trying to rehabilitate the couch. All you’ll need to do is unzip the cushions and add in some additional stuffing.

Keep Furniture Clean

Make sure you keep all your furniture clean in order to prevent the elements from eating away at it. Keep an eye on the ingredients in your cleaners to ensure they aren’t too harsh. Depending on the materials your furniture is made out of, you may need to collect different cleaners—in this case, one size does not fit all. If you need a handy cleaning method for your couch, consider steaming it once in a while.

Tighten Screws

A loose screw can result in damaged furniture. Say your desk has a wobbly leg—apply too much pressure, and the entire structure can collapse. The impact can cause splintering, and the item may be rendered unusable. Regularly check for and tighten any loose screws to maintain your furniture’s stability.