How to Install a Futon Cover

How to Install a Futon Cover

Futons are great additions to any home. Their multifunctionality makes them ideal for small spaces with occasional overnight guests—they can act as couches by day and beds by night. A high-quality futon can get expensive, but protecting it with a slipcover helps extend its life. Here we provide a few tips for how to install a futon cover properly.

Choosing a cover

A futon cover simply encases your futon in fabric and protects it from outside elements. A skirted futon cover protects your entire futon, extending to just above the floor. It covers the front and back of the frame and gives your futon an upholstered look. These types look natural and, when fitted properly, seamlessly fit in with your futon’s design.

The first step in properly installing a futon cover is making sure you have the right size, type, and shape of cover for your specific futon. Be sure to properly size your futon prior to purchasing a cover for it. Next, you need to decide on a material that best suits your needs. Patterns and bright colors are perfect for children and teens, while leather may fit a more formal home. Once you’ve decided on a fabric and color, it’s time to order a cover and then install it.


To properly install a futon cover, skirted or not, remember to always start from the back. On your slipcover, you’ll see a label that reads “center back.” Use this as a guide and drape the cover over your futon with the label as close to the center of the back as possible.

Once you’ve draped the cover over the futon, use the seams on the cover as guidelines. Lay these on the actual futon’s seams to keep the look consistent. Make sure all the sides of the slipcover hit at the same length—this is especially important for skirted futon covers. Lastly, smooth the excess fabric into the creases. A helpful tip is to use a kitchen utensil such as a spatula or a spoon to deeply tuck in the excess fabric.

For all your slipcover needs, whether you need a simple zippered futon cover or an L-shaped couch slipcover, contact us today.