How to Properly Secure Your Slipcover

How to Properly Secure Your Slipcover

A slipcover is a handy way to put a new spin on old furniture; however, you may experience a few difficulties during application. It’s common for these covers to refuse to stay in place. While this can be incredibly annoying, there are a few ways you can navigate this issue. If you’ve been having a hard time keeping your slipcover secured, follow some of our easy tips.

Make Sure You’ve Bought the Correct Fit

The most important thing that you can do is make sure you’re initially purchasing the correct fit. A slipcover that’s too big is going to cause a lot of issues in the long run. If the current cover you have is notably large, you may consider investing in one that better suits the size of your furniture. You can ensure more accurate measurements by purchasing the covers for the cushion pieces separately.

Properly Tie the Strings

If your slipcover fastens via strings, make sure that you’re tying them correctly. You’ll want to ensure that they’re fastened tightly to the bottom edge. If the strings are long enough, and your furniture allows it, you can also double wrap them.

Tuck in Extra Fabric

Make sure you completely tuck in any extra fabric beneath the cushions using the proper tension. You may have to lift the cushions, as a weak tuck isn’t going to stay in place for very long if you’re constantly standing up and sitting down.

Use Velcro

You can consider applying Velcro to the outside of the slipcover and the inside of the couch. Methodically adhere the Velcro to the slipcover to ensure the placement will hold. If you put it on the very end of the fabric, you’ll still have some excess that can slip out. If you’re covering a leather couch, consider attaching rug grip to the inside of your cover.

Reapply the Cover

If you find yourself consistently adjusting your cover, you may want to bite the bullet and remove the cover and start from the beginning. When you take it off, wash the cover to remove any wrinkles. Then, start from the beginning and pay close attention to how you’re fitting it.

If you follow our advice, we’re confident that you’ll have a beautiful—as well as comfortable—piece of furniture. If all else fails, look to Slipcover Shop We’re a reliable company with competitive prices who can provide you with a custom replacement slipcover.