Improving the Atmosphere of Your Café

Improving the Atmosphere of Your Café

When the weather starts to warm up, people start to look for reasons to get out and about. One of the best activities to get people out of the house and enjoying themselves is going to a café. Your café could enjoy a very busy season if it’s set up for success. Improving the atmosphere of your café can pay off big time when the crowds start pouring in.

Improve your outdoor space

A major draw of a café is the outdoor space. People love to sip coffee and eat small pastries in an outdoor sanctuary. Improve the outdoor atmosphere, and you’ll likely see a boost in foot traffic. To do this, consider upgrading your seating options. Go from the standard, uncomfortable patio furniture to a luxurious variety of seating options. Try investing in a patio couch and some comfy chairs with cushions. Stylish patio furniture cushion covers can help keep your outdoor space looking chic and clean all season long. For a layer of privacy, consider adding a trellis with flowers or vines; this also creates a very photogenic spot for plenty of photos to be taken.

Create a cultivated playlist

The atmosphere can be set by the sounds in your café. The clinking of glasses, the sounds of a French press, and a perfect playlist are what set your spot’s tone. Playlists can be tricky because not everyone likes the same music. The key is to identify what demographic you want to attract. For example, if you want to tap into the “work-from-home” crowd, you may want to choose relaxing music at a low volume that provides nice background sound yet doesn’t distract or drown out calls or thoughts.

Switch up the lighting

Lighting is another great way to create the perfect atmosphere. Consider updating your lighting fixtures for more updated and on-theme ones. Dimmers may also be a good investment. Be wary when using dimmers, though; too much light is jarring to customers, while too little can be frustrating. The light should be bright enough to read without eye strain and dim enough to glance at without squinting.

Do more with your décor

Decorating your café in an interesting manner without being distracting is key to an ideal atmosphere. Paintings from local artists can foster a creative and inviting environment. You can even switch them out seasonally or as they sell. You know your space better than anyone. Find décor that matches your desired aesthetic and work from there.