Protect Furniture With Custom Slipcovers

Protect Furniture With Custom Slipcovers

Whether it’s a brand-new sofa or a family heirloom, protecting furniture can be close to impossible. You can set rules for children and pets or put the piece in a room you don’t often use, but at some point, something is going to happen that will ruin that piece of furniture forever.

Luckily, slipcovers offer a simple solution. With tons of customizable options in various colors, styles, and textures, you can protect your most valued pieces of furniture without sacrificing aesthetics. Regardless, you should know why it’s so important to protect your furniture with custom slipcovers and what options you have for doing so.

The Importance of Protection

Furniture damage can happen in an instant without warning, and unfortunately, the biggest culprit is food. Drippings from a messy sandwich or a spill from an uncapped soda will quickly turn a beautiful couch into an unsightly disaster. With so many families opting to eat meals around, this has become a bigger problem than it used to be.

Messes stemming from foods aren’t the only danger, though. Small tears in upholstery can widen over time, relegating your prized recliner to the curb. Even everyday occurrences—your cat sharpening its claws or a stray key poking through one of your pockets—can damage your furniture. Granted, you could always stitch it up if the gash isn’t too big, but prevention is always the better option.

How Slipcovers Can Help

Slipcovers can protect your helpless furniture from both these problems. Depending on the material you use, a slipcover can protect your couch from most, if not all, nasty spills. After a mishap, just take the slipcover off and run it through the washer and dryer.

These innovative products can also protect from cuts. Most slipcovers will resist or altogether stop sharp objects, but even if they fail, only the slipcover will sustain damage. And it’s much easier and less costly to replace a cover than a whole chair.

Plus, since their customizable, you can use slipcovers to make your furniture look just the way you want it to. Buying a new ottoman simply because it doesn’t match the rest of your decor may not be feasible. With a slipcover, you can match the rest of the room without replacing perfectly good furniture.

Order Yours Now

If you are now interested in protecting your furniture with custom slipcovers, then you’re in the right place. We offer a vast selection of custom slipcovers for anything you want to put them on. All you need to do is pick the style, the shape of the furniture it will cover, and its measurements. If you are unsure which measurements you need, there’s no need to worry. Our illustrated guide will show you exactly what we need. We will also ask you for a picture of each side of the couch or chair. Once we have all this information, you’ll be able to purchase your new, stylish slipcovers.