Silk Furniture: Guide to Cleaning & Maintaining

Silk Furniture: Guide to Cleaning & Maintaining

Silk furniture has a ton of benefits. It’s stylish, comfortable, and luxurious, and it adds ambiance and personality to your home. However, it can be tough to maintain. Check out this guide to cleaning and maintaining silk furniture.

Stay away from water

Water can be extremely damaging to silk fabric, so try to avoid situations where liquids may spill on the silk. If a spill or stain does occur, use a lightly dampened soft cloth to gently tap the area until the stain lifts. Be extremely gentle when cleaning stains and spills, as rubbing can damage the silk to an unrepairable extent. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents not specifically formulated for silk material.

Vacuum it often

When dust, dirt, and crumbs accumulate on the silk furniture, you can simply use a furniture attachment on your vacuum and run it over the entire piece. A vacuum shouldn’t damage silk when you use the right attachment. Too rough of a brush could potentially create tears, pilling, and damage, so be intentional in your attachment choices. You should vacuum every few weeks, depending on how much use the piece of furniture sees. If you use it daily, vacuuming once or twice a week may be necessary, but if you seldom use the item, then vacuuming it once a month should suffice.

Keep it covered

The best way to clean and maintain silk furniture is to cover it. This ensures protection and minimizes the potential damage to the actual silk or the furniture piece itself. If you plan to use your silk furniture often, consider investing in a furniture slipcover to protect it so that you can enjoy the piece for years to come without worry of accidental damage or staining. Using furniture slipcovers can also keep the style without sacrificing the comfort. You can even have custom pillow covers made to match the material and keep the style alive.