dog under covers

Simple Ways to Dog-Proof Your Furniture

Your dog is part of your family. Having a dog is a great way to enrich a household. They provide companionship, give you reasons to get out of the house for walks, and you can play with them for hours. Dogs are natural chewers, though, especially puppies and larger breeds. This often leads to your furniture being chewed up. Learn these simple ways to dog-proof your furniture so that you don’t have bite marks, hair, and puppy pee on everything you own.

Groom your pup regularly

Pet hair is a serious issue when it comes to furniture. If your dog is a known shedder, you may get used to every surface in your home being covered with loose hairs; however, this fur can make your furniture uncomfortable and unsanitary. Lint rolling your couch eight times a day may be working for now, but that may get tiring quickly. Getting your furry friend groomed regularly can massively cut down on how much they shed. Regular baths, haircuts, and brushing can help with shedding control.

Discourage chewing on wood

If your pup is a chewer, then all of your wooden surfaces may suffer. Luckily, there are deterrent sprays you can invest in. You simply spray your wood with it and the smell and taste discourage your pup from chewing. You can also put on no-chew tape which is designed to take away the appeal of chewing. These measures should only be necessary until your dog learns not to chew. You may need to repeat this process with every new piece of wooden furniture you acquire.

Protect your upholstered furniture

It’s much harder to clean an entire couch than it is to clean one piece of fabric. Investing in a slipcover can protect your furniture from fur and puppy pee. Slipcovers can be custom fit to your furniture, so they look stylish while also adding protection. They are easy to remove, wash, and put back on. These make it easy to have an attractive and modern home while keeping pet problems at bay.

Give your pet their own space

To keep your furry friend off your furniture, and keep their hair and teeth off of it, try giving them a cozy space of their own. Invest in a comfy dog bed and place it in a central location so that they still feel included without being on the couch. Even pet beds can be hard to keep fur-free and unbitten, though. Consider pet bed covers to discourage your dog from eating their bed and to help keep dog hair off the bed itself.