Tips for Turning Your Dorm Room into a Home

Tips for Turning Your Dorm Room into a Home

Undecorated dorm rooms can feel like unwelcoming and impermanent structures. Turning your dorm room into a home, however, is easier than it may seem. With a few simple decorations and accessories, you can make it feel like home.

Make it cozy

Invest in some comfy additions to make your dorm room welcoming and homey. Most dorm rooms either have drab carpet or uninviting tile. Mask this with a fluffy rug. If possible, loft your bed and add a couch or some cozy chairs underneath for a cute reading nook-feel.

Get a few cute throw pillows for your bed, a couch or futon, and a matching throw blanket for a cohesive color scheme.

Bonus Tip: When choosing a color scheme for your dorm, opt for cool colors in light tones. These will make your space feel bigger and more relaxing—and come finals week, you’ll be thankful you made your room cool, calming colors.

Make it useful

College requires a lot of reading, studying, and time on your laptop. Make enough space in your room for school work. Make sure to decorate your desk—but most importantly, have pens, paper, and a laptop charger in reach. Sometimes, writing a lengthy term paper at your desk can get distracting, and a change of scenery can re-inspire your creativity. A wedge can turn any surface into a chic study spot. Push it up against the wall and utilize that fluffy rug for writing, or lay the wedge in your bed for a cozy and warm night of homework.

Bonus Tip: College can get messy—make sure to invest in wedge bolster covers to protect your versatile wedge from spills, dirt, and more. These are also fun because you can switch out colors each season for a festive feel!

Make it yours

Fill your dorm room with things that make you happy. Take any décor from your bedroom that makes you feel at home. You can also head out to a thrift shop for cheap items that speak to you. No home is complete without photos, so hang pictures of your family and friends around your dorm.

Bonus Tip: If you put things you like in your dorm room, it will feel like home. Fill it with things that make you feel welcome and cozy.