What to Consider When Buying a Slipcover

What to Consider When Buying a Slipcover

Slipcovers are great investments for your home and your furniture. They keep your furniture clean, add color, and make your home more easily customizable. When you decide to purchase a slipcover for furniture in your home, you may want to check out this guide on what to consider when buying a slipcover.

Consider what color will be best for the room

Picking out a bold color or an intricate pattern for your furniture can be exciting, but make sure you know you’ll love it for years to come. Slipcovers are typically long-lasting staples for your home. This doesn’t mean that going with a bold color or pattern is a bad choice—it simply means to think into the future and make sure you won’t want to make major color theme changes. A good rule of thumb to follow is if you have bold or patterned walls, choose a neutral or muted slipcover. If you have neutral or muted walls, consider a bold color or pattern for your slipcover.

Consider whether it needs a custom design

Take a good look at the furniture you’re considering a slipcover for. Decide if it seems to be a pretty standard shape and size or if it’s a little more unique. For more unique pieces, you’ll almost always want to invest in a custom slipcover. Investing in a custom slipcover is always a good idea, as it will fit your furniture perfectly. Slipcovers should fit tightly and not look frumpy or have too much fabric.

As soon as you receive your slipcover, put it on and inspect the fit. We have many resources on our website to help you properly measure and put on a slipcover.

Decide on the best material

Where your furniture is located and what you use it for are typically the deciding factors in what material slipcover you should purchase. When you’re looking for slipcovers for outdoor furniture, you should ensure the material you choose is designed for outdoor use. This will be a fabric that’s a bit thicker than indoor fabric, and it should be more water-resistant and easier to spot-clean. For indoor furniture, you have a wider range of options for slipcover materials. Look at the other furniture in the room and decide which material would complement the other materials.